Who we are:

Special Olympics is where athletes with intellectual disabilities celebrate and are celebrated for their accomplishments. It’s often the first time that our athletes have truly taken center stage and been recognized as individuals. And the focus is not limited to sports. In diverse areas like healthcare, leadership training, legislative self advocacy and employment, Special Olympics takes a leadership role.

Jacob Gallagher 3 Sonya Higgs
Volunteer of the Season was awarded to
Jacob Gallagher and Sonya Higgs.
    Jacob Gallagher 2
Here is a gallery from the Spring Games 2014

Reveal the Champion

Need Help?

Please contact Laurie Brewer, Area Director, at lbrewer10@verizon.net.

What’s New?

Flag Football is coming to Carroll County Special Olympics.  We are looking for coaches and interested athletes.   Please contact Laurie Brewer at 410-848-0102 or lbrewer10@verizon.net.


Athlete Code of Conduct

1. Adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct.
2. Maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct that includes self-control and responsible behavior. An athlete should consider the physical and emotional well-being of others and display courtesy and good manners. An athlete shall not engage in any sexual activity.
3. Avoid profane or abusive language and disruptive behavior including behavior that is dangerous to self or others including acts of violence, physical or sexual abuse, or harassment.
4. Abide by the rules of competition especially the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules.
5. Abstain from transporting, storing, and/or consuming alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and/or illegal substances when participating in any Special Olympics sponsored or sanctioned activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, training/practice sessions and competition events.
6. Abstain from all illegal activity.
7. Honor the Special Olympics Athlete Oath.